Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Yes today is officially Nationl Arthur Tubb Day! And thank God it's finally here, I couldn't even sleep last night I was that excited!!

To kick things off here's a link to a Revert Magazine interview the old bean had a few years back (scroll to page 28): Arthur Interview - Including such timeless quotes as 'Got a proper set up in 1990 when my friend Chris started skating. We used to paint Games Workshop figures together.' - Oh Arthur!

Next up here's a link
to Tubb's own website - - where you can see some of the magical creations he's knocked up over the years (he's a very talented man)

And finally here's Arthur's section from the Heroin video Live From Antarctica - frontside flip Langsett dubs Tubb? Go on my son!!


And unfortunately that's it for Tubb Day this year! But we can however look forward to Tubb day next year - which might just feature his ill section from the upcoming Pigeon Shit video.

Peace out Hombres

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